User Agreement

Ekbet is a gaming platform that provides its members with a variety of benefits and services. By agreeing to use Ekbet services, players accept the terms and conditions of the company, including the game rules, betting rules, and payment conditions, as well as relevant regulations. Ekbet headquarters are located in the Philippines.

Ekbet reserves the right to add or modify its terms and conditions at any time, with any updates being immediately effective. Players are encouraged to regularly review these terms to ensure that they are aware of any changes.

It is important for players to note that they must not violate any local laws while using Ekbet services. Ekbet is not responsible for any legal violations committed by players, except for violations of the company’s own terms and conditions.

In order to play games on Ekbet, players must register with accurate information. Accounts with false information will be closed and any remaining balance will be confiscated. Ekbet reserves the right to verify the validity of players’ information, and players must notify the company of any changes. Players are responsible for keeping their account numbers, passwords, bank cards, and other personal information secure. Each player is only allowed to open one account.

Ekbet values the privacy of its players and will not reveal or sell their personal information without their permission. The company is committed to protecting players’ privacy.

If a player violates the terms and conditions of Ekbet, the company reserves the right to lock their account or freeze any bonus games. In the event of a dispute or inquiry, players should contact Ekbet customer service team or use other official communication channels.

If a player’s account has not been active for six consecutive months, Ekbet reserves the right to temporarily freeze the account. In the event of errors or other flaws, Ekbet will promptly fix them. If a player profits from these errors, the profit will be confiscated.

It is important for players to note that Ekbet has not yet defined the legal limits of its gaming rules in accordance with every country’s laws. Players use Ekbet services at their own risk. If there are any legal announcements that affect players’ access to the website, their access may be restricted or stopped.

Ekbet website and servers are safe and reliable, and players are advised not to download any unofficial programs or documents from other websites. By using Ekbet services, players acknowledge that they are doing so at their own risk.